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Reaktion der CEPIC auf den Getty/Google-Deal

Vor paar Tagen hatte ich hier im Blog einige Reaktionen von betroffenen Bildagenturen und Branchenvertretern auf den umstrittenen Deal zwischen Getty Images und Google zusammengetragen, beim dem Getty Google gegen einen Spottpreis erlaubt, viele Bilder zu verschenken.

Mit etwas Verspätung habe ich jetzt die Stellungnahme des europäischen Branchenverbandes CEPIC (Coordination of European Picture Agencies Stock, Press and Heritage) erhalten.

Dieser schreibt u.a.:

„[…] We are concerned about the implication of this deal as well as the continuous devaluation of photography in an environment where content is plentiful and expected to remain free to the consumer end users. It is our view that the deal could be perceived as devaluating copyright as it gives the impression to end users that all pictures on the Internet cost “nothing”. Professional photography contributors know all too well that this is not the case. […]“

Einen großen Teil der Stellungnahme nehmen auch die fehlenden Urheberrechtsinformationen bei den betroffenen Bildern ein:

„[…] From a CEPIC perspective, we are monitoring the larger perspective and its impact on the digital economy. At legislation level, we continue to advocate for the respect of copyright in all environments. As a council member of i‐Comp, the initiative for a competitive online marketplace, we are lobbying to set up a better online environment where the rules should be respectful to all content creators and are not dictated by one dominant party only. In particular, it is essential that metadata cannot removed from the file it provides information on. The name of the right holder should be saved in the IPTC fields and kept with the image. The “Image may be subject to copyright” statement is simply not sufficient and all Internet stakeholders should provide efficient tools to support non infringing usages or pointing to the right holder source. Last but not least, we constantly remind legislators that “there is no such thing as a free lunch” and that badly crafted legislation can effectively support the business model of a minority of entities against the interests of the larger community. This is not healthy for Content Creators, for the Digital Economy and for Culture at large. […]“

Die vollständige Stellungnahme kann hier als PDF heruntergeladen werden.