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How long will it take me to reach the next ranking level at microstock agency Fotolia*?

That’s not only a matter of ego, but of pure money, because the higher your rank, the more percentage you get for each sale at Fotolia. Because of this I developed a small formula for myself to estimate how long it would take until I reach the next level. A befriended programmer helped me now to share my formula with you. Instructions can be found below the calculator.


How does the Fotolia-Ranking-Calculator work?
For the calculation you need to enter at least three values:

  1. The number of credit sales so far
  2. The number of subsciption sales so far
  3. The total sales of last month
  4. It is optional, but recommended to enter the total sales of the two preceding months as well to increase the precision of the calculator.

Tip: I recommend to use the calculator on the first or second day of a new month for more acurate and comparable calculations (or enter the credit and subscription sales numbers only up to the first of the current month).

How do I get the data?
The info for 1. and 2. you can find in your Fotolia dashboard, see my screenshot below (language may vary):

The sales numbers for 3. and 4. you get when you click on „See my statistics“ in your dashboard. Then you select the details as shown below and hit „Display statistics“.

When you entered the data in the calculator, simply hit „calculate“ and you get a detailled analysis including your average growth rate, percentage of subcription sales and last, but not least, an estimated number of month until you reach your next ranking level at Fotolia.

Is my private data safe?
Yes! I cannot see any data you enter in the calculator! All the calculation is done on your computer and if you decide to use the login-function, all information will be stored in a cookie on your computer only. I do not have access to your information. If you want to delete your data, simply clear all fields and click on “save” or manually delete the cookie from your browser cache.

How do I save and load my data?
The calculator works without having to login. But if you want to save your input and output data, you can easily do so by clicking the “Save and load your data” box and entering a name. Just choose the name you want. Then you can save and load your data until you decide to log out.To save mutiple data, simply enter a name in the „save as field“ and click on „save as“. The data will be saved in the „history“ section and you can compare how your results change over the course of some month.

Warning: The data is only saved locally on your computer by cookies, so deleting your cookies results in deleting your data!

Any suggestions?
If you have any suggestions, ideas for improvement or need help with the calculator, feel free to write a comment or send me an email. If you want to learn more about stock photography, feel free to read my blog “Alltag eines Fotoproduzenten” in original German or automatically translated to English. If you can supply another translation for the calculator, please drop me a line.

The content of this site is for general information purposes only. I do not accept any responsibility or liability in relation to its use. Though I tried my best to ensure that the numbers are accurate, I cannot guarantee their accuracy.

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